Parent Support Group

Who are they?

The parent support group represents a collaborative entity comprising parents and ISA staff members. The primary aim of the ISA-PSG entails providing assistance to the school in its continuous endeavors to enhance and expand the educational provisions and extracurricular activities. As the school directs its efforts towards achieving these objectives, it seeks the involvement of parents in various tasks, with the overarching goal of fostering a more cohesive and interconnected community

What do they do?

The role of the ISA Parent Support Group encompasses two primary aspects. Firstly, they are responsible for coordinating the specific talents and availability of the parents within their group in order to provide the necessary support. This entails primarily coordinating tasks, although parent representatives may also choose to assist directly with certain tasks that align with their preferences or skills. Secondly, parents are representatives of the parents within their group, serving as a conduit for general ideas, initiatives, and concerns that are not specific to individual students. Our ultimate goal is to have at least one parent representative per grade.

For many of our families, relocating to The Netherlands is a new experience, necessitating a period of adjustment. The PSG plays a crucial role in bridging the cultural, linguistic, and knowledge gaps that expat families encounter when they arrive in a new environment. With the active involvement of our PSG parents, we are able to organize our school and community events more effectively. By fostering a sense of community and providing extracurricular activities, we enable our students to have enjoyable experiences and explore diverse cultures.