Parent Committee (PC) and School Council (SC)

Parent Committee (PC)

Our school has a Parent Committee (PC) consisting of parents/guardians who volunteer their time. Members of the school leadership team attend meetings of the PC in an advisory capacity.

The PC main roles are:
– Organizing and running social events
– Connecting members of the school community
– Advising the School Council (SC)

Parent support is appreciated in many areas:
– reading activities
– specific expertise
– group projects/topics of learning
– library activities
– logistic assistance (car, bicycle)
– sport activities
– parties/social events

School Council (SC):

The School Council (SC) is made up of representatives of parents/guardians and staff. The School Council deals with wide varieties of subjects that are represented in the official “School Council Regulations”. The council advises school leadership on various matters concerning the school. Suggestions concerning regulations and other appropriate matters may be brought to the notice of SC members. The SC is made up of three parents and three teachers. A member of school leadership attends the meetings in an advisory capacity. The SC has seven/eight meetings per year.