ISAlmere (Primary)

Learning is our core business and International Mindedness is central to our school. Located centrally in The Netherlands, close to Amsterdam, we offer an opportunity for your child to learn and develop with a strong and balanced learning programme.

Within a 25 minute drive from Amsterdam, you will find International School Almere. A diverse, international community of students, parents and educators, forging covenants in learning and teaching for the success of all learners. Our school fully believes and commits itself to integrate individual diversity and cultures. In a safe and inspiring environment, our students discover the pleasure of learning and are challenged to become real-world citizens.

International Primary Curriculum

At International School Almere we define learning as acquiring knowledge, developing skills and gaining understanding about the world and ourselves, while using our different learning styles and multiple intelligences. Learning is an ever-changing process. Everyone is a learner. Our primary school is proud to use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

Learning with the International Primary Curriculum means that learners focus on a combination of academic, personal and international learning that is exciting and challenging. The aim of the IPC is to help every learners enjoy the learning of a wide range of subjects and to develop an enquiring mind. Through the IPC approach to learning learners develop the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to confidently face the world of tomorrow.

International mindedness

As an internationally minded school we broaden our understanding of diverse cultures by being open-minded and aware. We celebrate, respect and appreciate our similarities and differences. The use of the International Primary Curriculum helps us keep the concept of International Mindedness central to our school. Each IPC topic has learning-focused activities that help learners start developing global awareness and gain an increasing sense of themselves, their community and the world around them.

Language, music, art expression and physical education

International School Almere places an important emphasis on the development of language, music, art expression and physical education. All students follow Dutch lessons and special attention is given to music and physical education learning through lessons taught by specialists in this area. Music is learned under the guidance of our music teacher and taught according to the principles of the Kodaly Programme. Physical education is learned under the guidance of our specialist physical education teacher.