International school Almere

At the International School Almere we celebrate diversity as it empowers our students to become responsible citizens of the world who are prepared to embrace the future. We empower young minds to confidently develop their full potential, shaping their own future.

We foster an environment where our students are not just learners, but the architects of a brighter future. Our commitment to embracing the richness of various cultures and backgrounds empowers each student to become a responsible global citizen, ready to navigate the complexities of an interconnected world.

Nestled within the vibrant metropolitan tapestry of Amsterdam, we stand as a partially public funded international school, a beacon of educational excellence. Our dedication lies in offering internationally renowned programs that pave the way toward the coveted IB diploma.

Our mission transcends the mere transmission of knowledge; we endeavor to shape confident young minds, enabling them to carve their own unique paths. The nurturing atmosphere we cultivate is a product of our dedicated and internationally minded professional staff, who serve as catalysts for growth and learning. In this welcoming school community, driven by a shared passion for education, every individual is encouraged to unfold their potential in an environment that values growth as a collective journey.

As we walk this path together, we recognize that our students are not just learners within classroom walls; they are seeds of change, bearers of dreams, and the architects of a future yet to be fully realized. Our students are equipped with the tools not only to succeed but to lead with empathy, to understand, and to make a positive impact on the global stage. We don’t just prepare students for the future – we enable them to shape it.


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